Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jump In - The Cell Phone Bungee Dilemma

What to do when you buy a new cell phone?

New phones generate all sorts of churn for environmentally conscious consumers. There's the old phone, and questions about what to do with it. But it doesn't stop there. When I bought a new cell phone recently I had the following: 2 power cords, 1 car charger, and the old phone itself, none of which was reusable with my new phone.

After a little research I have compiled these suggestions:

  • Donate them at a Whole Foods store (check site for locations)
  • Donate them to a local homeless shelter or domestic abuse agency
  • Check out Cell Phones for Soldiers, started by a brother and sister who wanted to help soldiers in Iraq call home through the use of donated cell phones and prepaid calling cards
  • Give an extra phone to an elderly relative or 'tween and add them to your family plan
  • Sell them on eBay!
Be sure to include any chargers you have for your phones.