Saturday, December 1, 2007

Who'd Have Thought - Target?!

Two news articles in the past week highlight that Target is jumping into the game with both reused and recycled goods, and with their market reach that's a wonderful thing!

First off, Target has decided to refurbish and re-sell used, returned electronics at reduced prices. This is such a highly sensible idea and it's amazing that other large retailers haven't done it already (except Apple, that leader in all trends). A recent trip to their site showed used iPods and flat screen TVs!
So this holiday season you can both do good by buying used, and also indulge in some goodies for yourself or others that perhaps you wouldn't have bought otherwise.

The other news from Target is that they are now featuring their own line of holiday greeting cards made from recycled materials. While this isn't quite as big a stretch as selling refurbished electronics, it's still good and gives us something else to buy when we're there shopping for a used mp3 player.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sustainability, Thanksgiving, and Cast Iron Skillets

Last night some friends were at our house for Thanksgiving dinner leftovers and talk turned to cookware. I had tried to make a dish in a non-stick pan where I should have used a cast iron skillet, with a poor result. My friend commented that production should stop around the world for cast iron skillets immediately because they never wear out, and surely there are enough of them in existence today to meet any demand for a very long time. I had to agree with her, since I stoutly believe in the idea that cast iron cookware is lifetime cookware and a perfect example of ideal reusability.

So the question is, where do all the cast-iron skillets go? If you are looking for answers on how to take care of the cookware you have, or how to rehab a piece you found at a local flea market or yard sale, check out the forums at the International Dutch Oven Society to get any questions answered.